The Contract Manager

Delivering true confidence through unmatched visibility of your major Outsourced Services Contract

An intelligent online platform supported by a team of real contract managers.

hours analysis
hours analysis

Dedicated Team of the best Contract Specialists is a purpose built, secure, structured, online analysis platform designed to manage and analyse large outsourced services contracts within an inch of their life.

It is like having a team of the best auditors, data engineers, analysts, and specialist contract managers working with the latest technology to analyse your contract every week / month, looking for cost anomalies and value improvement opportunities.

Would you manage a multi-million dollar company in a spreadsheet?

If not, then why would you manage a mutli-million dollar outsourced services contract in one?

Using Excel to manage multi-million dollar services contracts is today’s equivalent of managing a government’s budget on a whiteboard (Remember Ross Kelly?).  It is financially irresponsible and career limiting, because spreadsheets are:

  • Unstructured & undocumented

  • Have limited cost and performance detail that can’t be verified

  • Are prone to errors and difficult to error check

  • Have no version control, are unsecured, & difficult to maintain

  • Are challenging to hand over to others when roles change

  • Have analysis limitations

  • Are time consuming to both produce & use (i.e. checking for billing discrepancies)


Spreadsheets quickly become complicated and convoluted.

How service works…

Your Data

Based on the MOST TM framework, we take your data such as invoices, timesheets, data logs with your contract.

Contract Modelled
Contract Modelled

We then build a model of your contract and link all your data together.

Advanced Analytics

From here we run advanced algorithms over the data in the model and identify anomalies and opportunities.

Visibility & Opportunities
Visibility Opportunities

The information is available via a secure and interactive customer and contract specific web portal.

Applications: can be used to manage contracts where the spend is $500k to $50M per month.

It can be used with Facilities teams through to Operations Managers in industries from Universities, Manufacturing, through to Mining and Oil & Gas.

Small anomalies can quickly turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars

In the world of complex contracts with lots of data, small errors or unexplainable anomalies can quickly turn into substantial amounts. For example, a 5% error on a $500k / month contract is $300k / year.

Do you hear the following in your workplace:
“We guess the invoices are +/- 5% correct. It is just too time consuming to validate.”

Would you be prepared to put in writing that you don’t know where $300k or more went?


Insight: Read how Australian Defence was not able to account for $195M.

The Cost?

It’s Free*

*We guarantee that this service will not take another cent out of your budget.

We charge 0.5%of the annual contract value (charged monthly) and if we can’t demonstrate (within 6 months) that we have saved you more than the cost of the service, we will refund the difference.


Calculate Your Savings

Once Off Modelling & 12 month historical analysis: $5,000
Monthly charge: $2,500 (0.5% of Monhtly Invoice. Min Charge $1k / month)

6 Month Trial: $20,000

Adjust numbers above to calculate your savings...

Spreadsheets don’t cut it: Auditors are focusing on Cost Control Measures

With advanced technology lowering the cost to better manage contracts, auditors are increasing their focus and challenging the use of spreadsheets to manage costs.

Their advice is “Quality solutions are now affordable, use them and reduce your risk!”

Would you bet your job on your spreadsheet process over cost efficient and proven alternative technology solutions?

See it in action - Recent Videos:


Where money can be saved in contracts: (~4mins)

An insight into where untapped money is hiding within your contracts, how you can realise it and why it is ready for the taking.


Internal Benchmarking: (~2mins)

An insight into how internal benchmarks can be used to find improvement and cost savings opportunities in your services contracts.


Sankey Diagrams: (~2:30 mins)

How Sankey Diagrams are being used to visualise complex contract spend.

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